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Legal Declaration

The materials and information contained in this website, including but not limited to texts, pictures, data, opinions, suggestions, web pages and network links, are not guaranteed to be accurate, complete, sufficient and reliable although we strive to provide accurate ones. Also, we clearly declare that we shall not be responsible for the errors or omissions of these materials and contents, nor shall we make any express or implied guarantees for these materials and contents, including but not limited to the relevant title guarantees, no infringement upon co-manufacturer’s rights, quality and no computer virus. We can modify the content of this website at any time without any notice or suggestion. In order to get the latest version of information, please visit this website regularly. The products or services outside our company mentioned on this website are only for the purpose of providing relevant information, which does not constitute recognition or recommendation of these products or services. We do not make any declaration, guarantee or approval regarding any products, services or information provided on the website. All products and services sold shall be subject to our company's sales contract and terms.