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Privacy Policy

McSen’s privacy statement
The service information collected by McSen for users abides by the privacy law contained in the principle of national privacy. As to any personal information about you, we manage it according to the national privacy law. We will take reasonable measures to protect the personal information you entrust to McSen (rather than published information) and prevent unauthorized tampering, reprinting and publication of personal data leading to theft and loss. This Privacy Statement explains our system and procedures, and provides all relevant questions, including your right to access and change your personal information.

Why and how McSen collects your personal information? McSen may collect and save the following information about you:

  • Your name and contact information;

  • Your registration and payment details (if you register to use our service);

  • Necessary information for your identity verification or check;

  • Your account management.


When you browse this website, McSen does not need to confirm your identity. However, when an investigation occurs, which means law enforcement agencies can exercise orders to check the logs of service providers, or when your use leads to technical problems on our website that must be solved, we will confirm your information and contact you. We will not collect sensitive information, such as your race, ethnicity, ancestry or political views. We will not use the information you provide for other purposes unless it should be disclosed with your consent or in response to government and legal requirements.

As stipulated in this statement, we will not provide your information to any organization or related companies other than McSen.

Your information should be accurate. In accordance with regulatory requirements, we may take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information collected, used or disclosed is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Please contact us if any details you provide are changed.

What does McSen collects your personal information for? We only collect your necessary personal information within a certain range which may help us to expand our business and activities.

We may use your personal information in:

  • Help you manage your account;

  • Help you solve all problems or requests; 

  • Detect and prevent faults, and prevent violations of network security or laws;

  • Meet our management, marketing, planning, product development and research requirements.


When we no longer need your personal information, McSen will take reasonable measures to destroy or log out it.
To whom McSen may disclose your information? According to the above specific regulations, we may disclose your information to specific people and organizations. We may disclose relevant information about you in our daily business management to relevant organizations, but not limited to:

  • to provide administrative and management services, technical services, including entities of our outsourcing business;

  • Auditors, consultants, law and accounting firms, industry bodies, groups and people conducting compliance reviews. If your employer subscribes to our service on your behalf, we may disclose some information about your employer about your use of the service. Similarly, if you are the primary contact person in your organization for services that you or your employer have subscribed to, we may disclose your contact information to others of your organization.


Other information you provide to us. Whenever you provide us with the personal information of another person, you must firstly ensure that he or she (or their parents or guardians if they are under 18 years old) has read and understood this statement and agree that his or her personal information may be used or disclosed by us for the above purposes.

Irrational use of information
We will not provide such information to any cooperator unless your personal information should be used or disclosed: 

  • by your consent;

  • in requirements by legal regulations or laws;

  • according to McSen's business rules or listing rules;

  • for protecting McSen’s legal interests according to applicable regulations (e.g. disclosures to superior regulators about suspicious transactions or cases of suspected fraud by the police).


Public principles
You can apply in writing to the staff responsible for privacy protection to obtain your personal information that we hold. We will try to provide you with a reasonable range of choices to get information (e.g. by e-mail or mail to you). Information will be charged.

Linking to other websites
Our website may contain links to other websites. McSen is not responsible for the content and privacy protection of other websites.

Update our privacy statement
This statement stipulates that policy comes into force since December 10, 2015. We will retain the right to make amendments to the privacy statement without prior notice. We recommend that you regularly check the information on our website.

Clauses by your consent
According to the statement, while continuing business with McSen, you agree that McSen collects, uses and discloses relevant information.